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Mandolin Mondays

Mandolin Mondays

What started out as a personal musical challenge, has now evolved into a beloved fixture in the online mandolin community.

In January 2016, David decided to post a video of a new original mandolin arrangement every Monday with the hashtag Mandolin Mondays. With creative and complex solo renditions of music from The Beatles, Bill Monroe, Bob Dylan, Chet Atkins, John Williams, Nintendo, Taylor Swift, and more, these videos quickly began to catch the eyes of other mandolin players around the world. The series was soon noticed by website owner and creator Scott Tichenor who began hosting and promoting the videos on his site The Mandolin Cafe. After a solid year of weekly personal video posts, David started inviting other professional mandolinists to send in videos to feature on the Cafe. Past Mandolin Mondays guests include such artists as Matt Flinner, John Reischman, Emory Lester, Don Stiernberg, Tim O’Brien, and many more amazing players. Not a Monday has been missed yet! Tune in for a new mandolin experience every week.

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From the weekly Mandolin Mondays video series on the Mandolin Cafe hosted by David Benedict--grab a #mandolinmondays sticker for your instrument case.

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Also, David offers free tablature and standard notation transcriptions of all of his personal Mandolin Mondays videos. If you’d like to receive a transcription, contact him below with the title of the video you’re interested in.

Mandolin Monday videos and Transcriptions are free, but tips are greatly appreciated. Thank you for helping to make these videos possible!